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NHS Near Me Video Appointments

Both practices offer NHS Near Me video appointments, powered by the Attend Anywhere system. 

Attend my appointment or make a test call

IMPORTANT: We are a Two Practice site. Please make sure that you click into the correct practice’s waiting room

If you are ready to attend your video appointment, or you want to make a test call before your appointment is due, click the Start video call button below (please ensure you are using Google Chrome  on a Windows or Android device, or Safari on Apple devices). If you make a test call this tests your device, connection, speaker and camera, it does not make a call. Further information about how to use the service is given below.

Culbin Medical Practice Start Video Call Link

Culbin Medical Practice GPs
Dr Joanne Inkson, Dr Eric Janousek
Dr Douglas Jarvie, Dr Malcolm Simmons
Dr Alex Flett, Dr Marion Paterson
Dr Eleanor Dempster, Dr Stephen McCabe

Varis Medical Practice Start Video Call Link

Varis Medical Practice GPs
Dr Peter Kelly, Dr Mags Neison
Dr Keith Marshall, Dr Iain Munro
Dr Kiersten Pecchia, Dr Mairi Crawford
Dr Sally Reeves, Dr Rosamund Simmons

To use this service you must have a booked video appointment with the practice. Your clinician or booking staff will be able to advise you whether a video appointment is suitable for you. You will be held in an online waiting area and may need to wait for up to 10 minutes before the video consultation starts (hopefully it won’t be as long as that).

NHS Near Me Information

NHS Near Me is a video consulting service which allows patients to attend their appointment from the comfort of their own home or wherever is convenient, using their own computer, smartphone or tablet device.

More information about NHS Near Me use in NHS Scotland is available by clicking on the following link:

NHS Scotland Near Me information

What to do if something is not working

Please refer to the troubleshooting guide below. The system is fairly robust and will normally work. If it doesn’t it is normally due to a poor WiFi or internet connection speed or a ‘permissions’ problem with your device.

If you cannot get the system to work at your appointment time do not worry, the clinician will call you on your phone so please keep the line free.