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Ask for help online. It’s simple, secure, and quick.

How to use Engage Consult

We are now using an online service called Engage Consult. It can be accessed via our website on your computer, mobile or tablet device. It is easy to use.

With Engage Consult, you create an account secured with a password so there is no need to type in your details every time you contact us.

Please view the short videos below to show you how to use the service.

Video: How to sign up for an Engage Consult account

Engage Consult Privacy Policy (Scotland)

Video: How to request medical or administrative help

Video: How to access your messages and replies from the Practice

What to do if you forget your password

Don’t worry if you happen to forget your password for Engage Consult. You can easily reset your password using the “I cannot remember my password” link on the login page. Please refer to the first video for how to get to the login page.