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Home Visits

For most patients, the Health Centre is the safest and most efficient environment for your consultation.  This is where we have the facilities available to carry out examinations, tests and treatment e.g., blood tests, ECG, etc., and where we hold your Electronic Patient Medical Record.  Also, it is recognised that approximately 6 consultations can be carried out in the health centre in the time it takes to do a single home visit.  For these reasons, we ask all patients who are able to attend to be seen at the Practice whenever possible.  We also appreciate that sometimes a home visit is necessary, and such visits are at the discretion of the Duty Team.

Home visits may be a suitable contact in some circumstances, such as:

  • Patients who are housebound
  • Patients who appear seriously unwell and not able to manage the journey to the Practice – though we may consider whether an ambulance and hospital attendance is required instead
  • Patients who have a terminal illness

Babies and children should always be seen at the health centre.  It is not harmful to take a child with a fever outside.  If you think that your child is unwell, please tell the reception staff so that they can ensure that your consultation is not delayed.

We sometimes find that patients or carers request a visit because they have no transport to attend the health centre.  Unfortunately, the Practice is not funded to provide a transport service.  It is the responsibility of the patient or their carer to arrange transport. If you do not have a car then please ask a relative, friend or neighbour to take you, or book a taxi.

Remember: you do not have an automatic right to a home visit
Under their terms of work, GPs are required to consider home visits for medical reasons only. If you think you require a home visit, please call the Practice as soon as possible, ideally before 10am. The Duty Team consider all information to provide the most appropriate medical treatment for patients.
Always provide a current telephone number so that the Duty Team can contact you.

As with all patient contacts, the Doctors have asked the administrative staff to obtain some further details so that they can assess your request, such as:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your contact number
  • A brief medical summary of the reason for the request

Normally, the Duty Team will give you a call back so that they can obtain further details which they will then use to prioritise work for the Practice.  Some problems can be dealt with through advice over the telephone and in some cases it may be more appropriate for the doctor to arrange a hospital attendance. If a visit is agreed, you will be given a good idea about when we will visit you during your contact with the Duty Team. Please call back the surgery if you feel that you have deteriorated while waiting for a callback or visit.