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Burns and scalds

Who do I see?

Self-care / Minor Injuries Unit or A&E / Practice Nurse


If your burn or scald is minor and small, you may be able to treat this yourself at home. Follow the first aid advice given in the link below. If it is more severe, you may need to go to your nearest minor injury unit or A&E. The minor injury unit at Dr Gray’s Hospital in Elgin is currently accessible by calling 111.

Forres Health and Care Centre does not have a Minor Injury Unit and we are not able to help you with this problem. Please do not come to the building as you will need to be redirected.

If you require re-dressing of a burn or scald that you have seen the minor injury unit for or are concerned about changes to one that you have been managing yourself you may need to book a practice nurse appointment. Please call us on 0345 337 1120 and give the receptionist and care navigator as much information as you can and you will be given a suitable appointment.

Further information about burns and scalds is available from NHS inform.