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Who do I see?

Self-care / A&E if severe / GP if on warfarin or recurring


Nosebleeds are a relatively common problem that we are all likely to experience. They are rarely a cause for concern. They are common in children and after a viral infection. If you get one it is common for the nose to rebleed over the next couple of weeks or so, especially in children who tend to pick their noses.

To treat a nosebleed, pinch the bottom part of the nose just above the nostrils and lean forward. Allow a few minutes for the blood to clot before releasing the fingers. Don’t be tempted to put anything in your nose or blow your nose as this will dislodge the clot and start it bleeding again.

Go to your nearest accident and emergency (A&E) or phone 999 if:

  • the bleeding continues for longer than 20 minutes
  • the bleeding is heavy and you’ve lost a lot of blood
  • you’re having difficulty breathing
  • you swallow a large amount of blood that makes you vomit
  • the nosebleed developed after a serious injury, such as a car crash

Do not attend Forres Health and Care Centre with a nosebleed. We do not have a minor injury unit and will not be able to treat you. You will need to be redirected to A&E in Elgin.

If you are taking WARFARIN and you are having problems with nosebleeds, please follow the advice above but also call us on 0345 337 1120 and give the receptionist and care navigator as much information as you can. We may need to urgently check your INR and possibly give you a reversal medicine if it is too high. We cannot treat a nose that is actively bleeding heavily – if this is the case, go to A&E.

For ongoing recurring nosebleeds (not actively bleeding) that you want to seek clinical advice about, please submit an online medical consultation request for the GP Clinical Team giving us as much information about your problem as you can. We will respond usually with an offer of an appointment with a GP or other suitable clinician to assess your problem further.

If you cannot use the online service please call us on 0345 337 1120 and a member of the care navigation team will help you.