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Warfarin Monitoring

Who do I see?

Warfarin clinic. Referral required.


If you take warfarin, both Practices offer a monitoring service to check your INR and ensure you are taking the correct dose.

You will normally be referred to this service by a clinician and be given an appointment at the practice where your INR will be checked by taking a sample of your blood. It is vital that you bring your Yellow Book to these appointments where it will be updated with your recommended dose. You will be given an appointment for your next check.

If you have been advised to book an INR appointment by a clinician, please call us on 0345 337 1120.

If you are taking warfarin and are concerned, for example, you are bleeding and it is not stopping, please call us on 0345 337 1120 and give the care navigator as much information as you can. You may be advised to come in to check your INR urgently or get a call back from a clinician. If the bleeding is more severe*, you must go to A&E or call 999.

*Severe bleeding is defined by the NHS as spraying, pouring or enough to make a puddle or soak clothing